Medical imaging

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Medical imaging | The imaging department has provided the best and most advanced imaging equipment for collaborating...

Medical imaging is an effective tool for diagnosis and treatment. It is also important in cancer patients to check the progression of the disease and track the effect of the treatment.

The imaging department has provided the best and most advanced imaging equipment for collaborating with distinguished clinicians in the diagnosis of diseases. The center is committed to providing patient satisfaction by providing comprehensive and accurate round-the-clock medical imaging services in the fields of radiology, MRI, CT Scan, ultrasound and mammography.


The MRI device used in imaging with Tesla 1/5 power, capable of performing all simple and specific imaging from all parts of the body including the brain, spinal column, abdomen, pelvis, joints, limbs, as well as angiography MRI, arthrography MRI, MR, Euroography, endocrine MRI For accurate examination of the prostate and pelvic masses, mammography MRI is for accurate examination of breast diseases and whole body MRI to detect stage metastasis.


An existing CT-Scan device is a spiral detector. This device is capable of producing high-quality 3D images, including CT angiography from all the vessels of the body, as well as Virtual Colonoscopy, Virtual Bronchoscopy and HRCT in thin sections of 1 millimeters for a closer look.


The imaging centers are equipped with a high-precision digital radiology and fluoroscopy apparatus, which is used to carry out simple and specific radiology of the organs of the body. The existence of a digital radiology device is one of the benefits of this center, which will be extremely valuable in providing accurate imaging services.


Sonography is used in the diagnosis of gynecological, neurological, eye, liver, heart and cure diseases (sonotherapy). The advanced sonography apparatus in this center provides ultrasound for all organs of the body in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and four-dimensional and color doppler ultrasonography for examination of vascular lesions.


Mammography is one of the types of imaging in which low dose x-rays are used for breast examination. In imaging center, a digital mammography device is used for accurate examination of breast diseases, with the possibility of magnification and marking.

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