TEMOS certificate


Founded in 2010, Temos International Healthcare Accreditation helps hospitals, clinics and medical travel coordinators to find their highest levels of performance to deliver top quality to domestic patients, patients with different cultural backgrounds, international patients as well as medical travelers they serve and to continuously take care of their quality.

About US

IR4T Tourism and Travel Agency

was found in 2017 with a variety of goals including introduction and presentation various and unknown attractions in Iran, designing diverse travel plans and utilizing all of Iran’s tourism capacity with a team of experienced experts with a history of tourism and language professors. ( Azeri, Arabic, English, Russian, German and French)

The existence of experts and specialists and internal/external affairs of the complex has made it possible to provide specialized tourism services, reduce travel expenses and diversify travel packages.

Also, this has caused the content and information provided on our website at iran4tour.com to be made possible by using reliable sources, updated information and in accordance with the latest scientific research


Our plans on health tourism:

The high medical progress of Iran and the low exchange rate for developed countries, high capacity of health and wellness, herbal treatment and traditional medicine have led us to obtain the health tourism license and obtaining a health visa for citizens of other countries, we can provide a valuable service for patients and foreign tourists.

Currently, this agency collaborated with dozens of hospitals with an international standard, which is still increasing. Also by signing direct contracts with hotels all over of Iran, it has tried to reduce the cost of health and entertainment travel.

Our approach is a multi-dimensional attention to all aspects of tourism, and we strive to provide travel conditions with affordable and desirable quality, and on the other hand, we will respond to all your mental needs in various medical and non-medical travels.