Travel to the north of Iran, a trip that you must experience at least once in your life.

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The lush nature and dreamy roads of northern Iran are so beautiful and spectacular that the people of Iran themselves, at least once a year, gather their luggage and travel there. Whether you want to sit and watch the high mountains covered with green forests or walk along the shores of the Caspian Sea, the north can take your heart in every way. If you are planning to travel to Iran, join us in this article, in which we will discuss the best places that you must visit during your Travel to the north of Iran.

Top 4 places you must visit during your Travel to the north of Iran.
Let’s start the list with one of the dreamiest villages in Iran.

Alasht, A village above the clouds
Alasht is a village in Mazandaran province that has a nature whose beauty is like a dream. A mountainous region, which is green in the warm seasons and experiences heavy snowfall in the cold seasons. The word Alasht itself means the eagle’s nest, which is called because of the height of this area. Attractions in this area include an observatory, waterfalls and attractive caves such as the Red Cave. It is suggested that if you travel to Alasht, be sure to visit its various neighborhoods.

Alasht village

Dalkhani forests
One of the beautiful forests near the beautiful city of Ramsar is the Dalkhani forests that you can visit on your Travel to the north of Iran. These forests are close to another tourist area called Javaher Deh and you have to follow the path of this area to reach the forest. If you go to this forest, we suggest that you sit in these quiet forests for a while and do yoga.

Dalkhani forests, a place you must visit on your Travel to the north of Iran.

Lake Elimalat, the most beautiful lake for picnics and sightseeing
If you are looking for a lake to sit next to or go on a picnic, we suggest Lake Elimalat. A lake where not only can you go boating at certain times when it is full of water, but you can also enjoy the stillness and calm movement of the lake water along with the green nature around it. Access to this lake is very easy and it is only 3 km away from Noor road to Chamestan. Lake Elimalat was formed due to the Elimalat Dam. Also, it is one of the best areas in the north of Iran near the city of Noor.

Lake Elimalat

Javaher Deh
Javaher Deh is summer and seasonal village above the heights of mountains and clouds which beautifully shows the rural architecture of northern Iran. Javaher means jewelry and various stories have been told about the reason for naming the village this name. For example, they say that the name of one of the women in the village was Javaher, or some people say that many treasures are hidden in this village. Some also say that the first name of the village was probably Jordeh, (which means the village upstream), which has changed to Javaher Deh over time.

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