The most famous Persian foods that you should try when traveling to Iran

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Iran, which has a rich culture and history, has a very high food diversity and some of these foods have many fans both in Iran and in other parts of the world. In the following, we want to introduce you to 5 of the best and most famous Persian foods that you must try once when traveling to Iran.

The most famous Persian foods that you should try when traveling to Iran

Chelo kabab
Chelo Kebab is undoubtedly the most famous Iranian food and many people around the world know Iranian food with Chelo Kebab. Also, these kebabs and other types of kebabs are very popular among Iranians and tourists. Chloe kebab is usually served with tomatoes, grilled peppers, saffron rice, “dough” and fresh vegetables. Sometimes this kebab is eaten with bread instead of rice, which of course is better than Sangak bread!


Ghormeh Sabzi
If you ask many Iranians what is your most popular food, they will probably say Ghorme sabzi! Ghorme sabzi stew is prepared with abundant aromatic vegetables, onions, Omani lemons, red beans (in some parts of Iran, pinto beans and white beans) and minced meat of mutton, beef or lamb. The secret to having a delicious Ghorme sabzi, like many other Iranian dishes, lies in how it is cooked. The lower the heat and the longer the time it takes to cook the stew, the more embedded and delicious it will be. This delicious dish is eaten with plain rice or saffron and the experience of eating it will surely be interesting and attractive for everyone.

Ghorme sabzi, one of the best Persian foods you should once try when traveling to Iran

Fesenjan stew is a delicious Iranian stew that has captured everyone’s heart and is an ornament of important gatherings and parties. This stew is prepared from ground walnuts, pomegranate paste, and chicken or dumplings. Fesenjan, like Ghorme sabzi, must be cooked on low heat for hours to fit perfectly. In different parts of Iran, this stew is made in different ways in some places it is made sour, others add a little sugar to the food to make it completely sweet.


Dizi (Aabgoosht)
Dizi, also known as Aabgoosht (which means broth), is one of the most authentic Iranian dishes. If you want to get completely acquainted with Iranian culture and cuisine, go to a traditional restaurant and order Dizi! In this dish, mutton is cooked with beans, potatoes and sometimes tomatoes to fit well. Then they eat it with Sangak bread, vegetables, doogh and onion.


Zereshk Polo
Another of the best Iranian dishes that you must try when traveling to Iran is Zereshk Polo, which is often prepared with chicken. Barberry, saffron and white rice are used to prepare this unique dish, which in addition to its extremely delicious taste, has a very beautiful appearance. This food is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes and has become very famous in the world.


Baghali Polo
Baghali polo, which is prepared with muscle meat (sometimes also chicken), is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes, and many Iranians and, of course, tourists love it. To make Baghali polo, you have to combine white rice with beans and saffron, and finally put mutton or chicken on a plate

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