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Ophthalmology and heath tourism in IRAN

Ophthalmology and heath tourism in IRAN

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine and surgery which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in ophthalmology. The credentials include a degree in medicine, followed by additional four to five years of ophthalmology residency training. Ophthalmology residency training programs may require a one year pre-residency training in internal medicine, pediatrics, or general surgery. Additional specialty training (or fellowship) may be sought in a particular aspect of eye pathology.Ophthalmologists are allowed to use medications to treat eye diseases, implement laser therapy, and perform surgery when needed.Ophthalmologists may participate in academic research on the diagnosis and treatment for eye disorders.

The Ophthalmology Department of the contracting hospitals is one of the major departments that operates under the supervision of Iran’s University of Medical Sciences. We try to preserve the gem of vision in this group. Our doctors are ophthalmologists trained in various specialties.

The ophthalmology group is one of the most active specialized groups of hospitals, which has provided significant services to improve the quality and quantity of patients’ eyesight.

Ophthalmology centers in Iran offers a wide range of solutionsof optic system problems by its experienced experts and benefiting professional in diagnosis and surgery fields.

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