most famous castles that you must visit once during your trip to Iran.

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The castles that exist in Iran are strong historical monuments that have been built in different cities to house the rulers and to defend against the invasion of the enemies. These castles, most of which are perched on high hills and cliffs, still stand, although they have been attacked by many enemies throughout history. Old and strong fortresses with thousands of bittersweet secrets and mysteries in their hearts. In the following, we want to introduce you to the oldest and most famous castles that you must visit once during your trip to Iran.

Top 4 most famous castles you must visit during your trip to Iran
Let’s start the list with an old castle on top of Falak al-Aflak mountain in Khorramabad.

Falak al-Aflak
“Falak al-Aflak Castle”, one of the most famous castles in Iran, is built at the highest point of the city of Khorramabad and on top of the ancient hill of Falak-e-Aflak to dominate the surrounding areas. The castle, which covers an area of about 5300 square meters, is 40 meters high. Falak al-Aflak has historically been used as a prison for Roman captives, the city’s government headquarters, the royal treasury, and a military barracks, and today is open to the public as an archeological museum, anthropology, and restoration laboratory.

Falak al-Aflak Castle

Alamut Castle
“Alamut Castle” is located in the northeast of Gazer Khan village, in the Alamut region of Qazvin, on a rock at a height of 2,163 meters above sea level, to reach which you have to go through 400 winding stone steps. The name Alamut is derived from the two words “Allah” and “Amoot” meaning the nest of an eagle.
The construction of Alamut Castle dates back to the early Islamic period of Iranian history. The castle was captured by Hassan Sabah, the leader of the Ismaili sect, in 486 AH, and became his military and security headquarters against the Seljuks.

Alamut Castle, a castle you must visit during your trip to Iran.

Susa Castle
Susa Castle, located in the ancient city of Susa on a hill above the Acropolis, is two kilometers from the center of Susa and is known as the French Castle. The castle was built by the French about 120 years ago during the Qajar period using the bricks left over from Darius’s palace. The architecture of Susa Castle is very similar to European palaces and buildings in the Middle Ages. This resemblance is such that the castle is known as the prison of the French Bastille.

Susa Castle

Dokhtar Castle
Kerman Dokhtar Castle is one of the oldest places of interest in Kerman which you must visit during your trip to Iran. This castle was built on a rocky cliff in the northeastern part of the city in the heights between Zarisaf and Sahib al-Zaman mountain. The rock is about 400 meters high and the only way to climb the roof of this rock passes through a narrow gorge where strong towers have been built to protect it. This castle is also known as the Old Castle, Gawashir Castle, and Anahita Fire Temple. Dokhtar Castle dates back to 220 BC. Some have attributed the construction of this fort to Ardeshir and others to Babak Khorramdin.

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