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Barandaz Lodge

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About Barandaz Lodge
Before reaching the heart of Mesr (Persian word for Egypt) Desert in central Iran, there is a village where two lodges exist. Known as Barandaz 1 and 2, the lodges are located at Farahzad Village, Khur, and Bibanak County, in Isfahan Province. These lodges belong to Tabatabaei family. Barandaz Lodge has been the legacy of their grandfather for decades.

Farahzad Village was built in the 1940s. Hoping that 12 Imams of Shia Muslims bless the village, at first they have built 12 houses there. Barandaz Lodge 1 started its work as an accommodation for tourists in 2006; this was the house where many Tabatabaei family members spent their childhood in. Shortly after, they purchased and launched Barandaz 2. It is the largest house in Farahzad which was reconstructed before opening. At the entrance of the lodge, there is a special place where they hold certain local rituals and serve ethnic foods while guests gather around a big fire. You can sleep on comfortable fabrics piled over the roof.

Barandaz means a place where people traveling in the desert as a caravan, unload their camels to spend the night. Barandaz can be a room, a caravansary or a place in the heart of the desert with no shelter. They used the structure of the desert in the structure of the building, they use clay and thatch in the structure.

Barandaz Lodge Features
Lodge 1 has five and lodge 2 has eight rooms. So far, they have been host to lots of guests from different countries for many years. The room capacities differ from 5 to 12 people. Both buildings feature a porch, garden, kitchen, bathroom, and Persian and western style toilets. Moreover, there are braziers on which you can light a fire and make a tea. At this historical lodge, you can enjoy Abgoosht that is a traditional Iranian stew. Remarkably, at Mesr Desser, you can take camel rides, walk in the sand dunes, and you can also gaze at stars on the lodge roof.

Notably, due to its unique Iranian design, none of the rooms need cooling or heating systems at any time of the year. They designed the Barandaz Lodge in a way that in hot weather the interior space is cool and inside is warm when outside is cold. Keep in mind that due to its location in the heart of the desert, you can’t access the internet.

If you want to spend time at a traditional house in Isfahan, you can book a room here on ir4t. In case of having inquiries, please contact us. We are trying our best to meet all your needs through our many services.

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