Freezing eggs

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Freezing eggs in iran

Freezing eggs on the third day of the period, hormonal tests such as AMH, FSH, and estradiol and tests for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis are performed. Ultrasound is recommended to check the condition of the ovaries and follicles. After the above steps, ovarian stimulation is performed. At this stage, ovulation-stimulating drugs such as drugs containing HMG and FSH and gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist agonists are used to stimulate the ovaries. Instead of fewer eggs, more eggs are produced and mature over a period of time. When using drugs that are prescribed to stimulate the ovaries, a person should see a doctor several times for a vaginal ultrasound to check the size of the follicles. During this process, with the help of vaginal ultrasound, suitable and mature follicles are removed from the ovaries by a thin hollow needle, then the egg is frozen. The eggs received in the liquid nitron tank are kept at a temperature of minus 196 degrees. To prevent the biological activity of the eggs. Freezing of eggs is done in two ways (slow freezing) (glass freezing or fast).
In the method of slow freezing, first a low concentration is used to prevent the formation of ice crystals inside the cell, and in the method of glass freezing or fast, a high concentration is used.

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