A guide to getting acquainted with the most popular souvenirs of Iran

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A guide to getting acquainted with the most popular souvenirs of Iran | Iran is an ancient country where each city has its own souvenirs...

Iran is an ancient country where each city has its own souvenirs and handicrafts. The most famous of these souvenirs, which are usually bought by foreign tourists, are artistic handicrafts that have been made with a lot of love, passion, and effort. Just take a walk in one of the historical markets of Iran one day, to encounter hundreds of types of these unique souvenirs. In the following, we want to introduce you to 6 of the most popular souvenirs of Iran that you can buy when traveling to this country.

6 of the most popular souvenirs of Iran
To begin, let’s start with hand-woven fabrics.

Persian hand-woven fabrics
Persian hand-woven fabrics are the first souvenirs that we introduce in this list. The quality and reputation of these fabrics vary depending on the city you are visiting. For example, the engraved fabrics of Isfahan, which are produced with geometric patterns and flowers and plants, are among the most famous souvenirs of Iran and have many fans among tourists. Hand-woven embroidered fabrics are also special souvenirs in Kerman, Iran, decorative fabrics made of fleece, which are dyed with natural colors. The next type of hand-woven fabric is cashmere, which probably you know about it. This fabric is one of the most popular and famous handicrafts in Yazd, which is produced in various forms such as shoes, bags, tablecloths, and even jewelry boxes.

The beautiful Persian hand-woven fabrics.

Giveh is traditional footwear in Iran that is mostly found in the mountainous areas of the Zagros Mountains, including Kermanshah. The finest type of these traditional shoes is usually made of a leather sole and a woven wool upper. Due to their seams, quilts are widely used by the local people of Zagros in summer.


Persian rugs
We all know that Iranian hand-woven carpets and rugs are one of the most popular souvenirs of Iran. These rugs are usually very expensive, if you are not one of those who can afford the best type of Iranian hand-woven rugs, you can buy something smaller and cheaper, such as a small kilim, or a Gabbeh. Foreign tourists usually buy small rugs so that they can easily fit in their luggage.

Another of the most famous souvenirs of Iran, especially in the city of Isfahan, is enamel. Enamel works are copper utensils that decorate their surface as beautifully as possible, with birds or miniature flowers. These are usually blue, but green and red are also available in the market. In Isfahan Bazaar and some other cities in Iran, you can buy vases, plates, cups and other enameled decorative accessories.

Khatam Kari
Khatam Kari can be introduced as one of the most famous and popular wooden handicrafts in Iran. The inlay artists, by combining wood, metal and bone, create works that dazzle the eyes of every viewer. These works usually include jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammon, etc. Foreign tourists usually buy these khatam Kari’s as souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family.


When tourists visit the Museum of Ancient Iran in Tehran, they realize the importance and antiquity of pottery in Iran. Many of them ask their guide as soon as they leave the museum to take them to a mall to buy earthenware! Cities such as Lalejin, Hamedan, Meybod and Natanz are the most famous cities in which the pottery industry is popular and you can travel to them to buy the best type of pottery.

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